Miscarriage After Miscarriage 😭


I miscarried in June - lost the baby at 7w2d and had a D&C at nearly 11 weeks. My body held onto the pregnancy.

My husband I decided, after going to a reproductive endocrinologist, that we’d try again pending the information provided.

I received all normal results. Nothing was wrong with bloodwork, my tubes, uterus - all normal. Thank goodness.

Still didn’t explain 3 miscarriages (2 in 2019, 1 in 2021).

Fast forward to Sunday. I felt kind of off. My period was 4 days late. I spotted right around ovulation so I thought this month was a no go. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. A faint positive. I took another one in the morning, same thing - positive but faint.

I called in to my OB to start the process - progesterone vaginally and HCG checks.

First HCG check was 22 - they said it is low. We will see what Thursday holds with another recheck. It didn’t sound promising though.

Last period, July 16th (first one since miscarriage). Usually go 33-35 days. Or was prior to my miscarriage in June.

I am worried I am going to miscarry for a forth time. Four in a row. Man what a punch to the gut. This is just a lot to take in.