Af made her arrival last night ☄️

Alexia • Hey 💕 I’m a mother of one trying to bring along another addition to our family 🤞🏾 im currently 22 years old !! engaged to my lovely fiancé chance 😅 to everyone hello & welcome ❗️

But you know I’m okay this was literally a test trial of our first month trying my fiancé is so loving & understanding thank god for him ☺️ I’m not sad promise I’m all good ❤️🤞🏾 now I know how to spot things out and determine if it’s af starting or pregnancy stuff but yesterday after all that weirdness discharge/spotting happen w my body all along it was af prepping her entrance ☹️ we’re gonna try again next cycle adding in bbt charting while continuing pre seed not using so much along with opks,prenatals & some raspberry tea if you have any other suggestions for things I should try please comment ✨👶🏾 sending baby dust to all the ladies out there TTC kick af butt 😗