Time to end it?


Ever since i had my daughter my sex drive has been so low and my boyfriend and i have been so rocky. i don't feel as if im loved anymore and i definitely don't want to have sex with someone i don't feel an emotional connection with and when i tried to explain that he got so mad at me and he was like saying how any regular girl would want to have sex and i never want to and whatever and we argued for a little bit and i left for a drug test for work (over text )he said that he didn't want to be with me if this is how im going to be and when i came back he acted like that conversation never happened and then kept trying to make me have sex with him and he was so persistent and his attitude and how he acted was so childish and he had like 15 min before work and kept trying to "give me a choice" to have sex with him before he went and i just did it to get him to stop and because it wasn't really a choice and immediately after he came i ran into the bathroom and cried.. idk what to do i love him