Being a surrogate

Hi everyone, I’m 24 years old and I have a child from a previous relationship.. I’m currently single (broke up with my bf) anyways, my aunt has fertility issues, she’s now 44 years old and kids is a very sensitive topic for her. She threw it out there how I’d feel if she’d ask me to be her surrogate, I’d feel extremely happy to be able to help in whichever way I can.

My family has been getting to me saying “how could you be around that child knowing you carried it” & “wouldn’t you want to have more children”

The thing is I wouldn’t see them as my own, I’d have an incredible strong bond but that would be HER child, how dare I take that “title” away from her..

Anyone who’s been a surrogate, can you please walk me through the process?

Also, does this affect me having children?

I am a bit worried because Ive had an ectopic pregnancy before, does this affect that in any way?

Thank you all