Bowel endometriosis, do I need surgery to conceive?


Hello ladies 👋🏻

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis via laparoscopy and colon endosonography . The surgen was able to remove the one found in the ovaries and bladder, unfortunately, I also have in my bowel :(

The surgeon tells me I should get surgery done to remove the endo from my colon in order to get pregnant, but the Fertility Doc says she wouldn’t have surgery, and to better try <a href="">Ivf</a>.

Anyone here who had to make this decision? Or that could get pregnant without surgery?

I am miserable because it hurts SO much every month plus lately I also have rectal bleeding which is super scary. All this gets so much better if I take the pill but I want to have a baby and I am 37. I feel like I have to do something! 😔

Thank you in advance for your help!