27 weeks fall in shower Should I be concerned ??!!

Elba 👶🌈☁️👼🏻👨‍👩‍👦

I just turned 27 weeks pregnant today with baby girl . I was showering and my shower mat slip forward and I fell back on my bottom and back pretty hard . I’m high risk due to severe asthma and contractions I be getting . So I want know should I be worried about the fall? I have pain when walking only in my pelvic area but more towards my left side . But I feel we all have that this far in pregnancy and I had it before with this one so I don’t know if I should take into consideration and my lower back does hurt from the fall but not screaming pain . Lastly I get a lot of Braxton Hicks and also contraction were they monitor me at labor and delivery to ensure I’m

not in labor . I’m getting my contractions as usual but I don’t know if it from the fall or just my usual . I’m really tired of Er labor delivery and needles . I also have 18 month old boy who need me and I don’t want go to Er unless absolute necessary . So wanted to see what ya think should I go get my self checked or wait it out and see what happens ? Should I be concern of me falling ? Has this happen to anyone this far in the pregnancy ? If so please share what you did and what happen so I can ease my anxiety lol. Any advice would help .