Trying for baby #2


so this is the first time posting, although i’ve commented under a few posts. so this month is the first month of me paying attention to my cycle and actually actively trying to get pregnant.

we had sex three days before ovulation and on ovulation day. I am supposed to test on the 30th for pregnancy but of course i got excited and wanted to test as soon as possible.

specially after waking up two days feeling nauseous, my lower stomach has started to cramp a lot at night, and i think i pee a little more, but maybe it’s mental. i know these are symptoms of pms as well but who doesn’t hope it’s pregnancy instead right?

i was up all night reading posts, googling what 10 dpo test would look like and then this morning, i finally tested.

there was only one line. clear as day. not a faint second one, disappearing, nothing. i compared mine to other 10 dpo tests, and i’m just obviously not pregnant. it’s the first month, and we can always try try again, but i am just so hurt. today has been such a sucky day for me. i just really want my number two so badly!