Warning to parents with middle/highschool kids!!!


If you have middle or highschool age kids, be aware of this "trend" on Tik tok. The kids are vandalising and stealing all the necessary items in restrooms (toilet papers, soap dispensers, hand dryers, even TOILETS😳) some reports of them even taking tires off of school staff vehicles. What you're seeing in this video is the fact that schools are having to lock down these items with wire banding to prevent theft.The police have been involved at multiple schools for this and schools are having to lock the bathrooms, teachers have to stay on bathroom duty to monitor, or even cameras have been brought up! This is insane. Teach your kids that actions have consequences! I feel so bad for the school administration. These are just a few of the comments of these kids who are laughing and just making jokes at this situation they've created. They plan to continue this! Please talk with your kids about how this is NOT OKAY! Schools have a hard enough time with funding and I cant imagine how it feels being a teacher and having to babysit the bathroom