7dpo and trying not to symptom spot!


So I have a 32 day cycle, day 17 I ovulated, I’m now 7dpo on cycle day 24 and I have gotten ether a strong indent or a positive! I really don’t know which one it is! I’ll retest again in two days time!

I know it’s unlikely to get a positive this early on!!

But I’ve got the most sensitive sore nipples at the moment! Feels like someone has bitten them so hard amd leaving the burning feeling. That’s what I’ve felt the last two days!

Cramping every now amd then like waves of pinching! Only lasts like a couple of seconds max!

Appetite has gone from 0-100 in a day! Been like this for the last three days!

Ovulation test from cuddle day 17

Pregnancy test today- 7dpo