Positive tests at 9 and 10dpo!


I finally got a positive result at what I think was 9dpo! I took two more this morning at what should be 10dpo. I wasn’t tracking super crazy this month because I have a ton of stuff going on. Counting from my last period I *should* be 3 weeks and 4 days today. My period still isn’t due for 5 days. Im super worried something is going to happen or it’s going to end up being a chemical pregnancy. What do you guys this about these tests? Is it normal to find out at 9dpo??

First test at 9dpo

Second test at 9dpo

Third test this morning 10dpo

Fourth test this morning

I went a little crazy with testing 😅 I’m just so worried. Please give me any helpful advice for a healthy pregnancy 🥺🥺