Late post


Had my baby girl September 15th at 11:27 weighing 8lbs 10oz 20.87 inches long. It was regular, contractions was painful to me, but nothing new been through it before. Once I got the epidural, cause I couldn’t take it anymore I was really trying to go all natural, but have a low tolerance of pain so that was over very quick lol. Got the epidural barely felt any contractions. The epidural worked so good that the whole time I was having strong high contractions, but barely felt them. My amniotic sac was coming down in front of my baby, I jumped from 5 centimeters from the last time they checked me to 10 within about 4 hours. When they came in to check me to see how far I dilated they seen how close the sac was so they ruptured it, then they checked me again seen I was 10 centimeters fully effaced and her head was coming down right behind the sac, they knew it was time for me to push. I couldn’t feel the contractions really so the doctor an nurses had to tell me, I pushed like 3 good times and she was out it went so quickly compared to my other children, it was different my baby had the sac still on her being as though she was coming out still in the amniotic sac, if they wouldn’t had ruptured it she would of been born still in her sac.Pretty cool experience to go through 👶🏽😮‍💨✨♍️