Will I get in trouble for going into the boys shower room?

I'm a freshman in college. I was in the boys dorm hanging out with my best friend and it was already an hour past when you're allowed on the opposite sex dorm. I lost track of time so I was heading back and as I'm walking past the boys shower room I hear someone crying and they sound like they're in pain. I knock and ask if they're okay and they just kept crying. Something told me to go in and I did and went looking around. I followed the crying and there was someone in there who was laying on the shower ground crying with blood around him. I tried to help and said I was gonna get someone but he said no so I just found a towel that was slightly wet and helped him up... The towel was having blood coming out the back so he was bleeding from his ass... He showed me to his dorm and I laid him on his bed. I asked if he needed anything but he just yelled at me to plz go away so I did. Walking by I noticed a camera that is outside the shower room so you see who's going in.... I was already out past curfew... Am I'm gonna get in trouble?