Mother in law thinks my son is dirty

Ok so I really don’t like my mother in law that much and she gets me mad regularly so I am not sure if I have reason to be annoyed by this or if I am being ridiculous. Would love some opinions lol.

My son just turned three. He loves to play with the dirt and be outside and make mud. He gets a bath everyday. Every time my mother in law would come over she would make a big deal and ask me why he’s always dirty. It kind of insults me because he’s not dirty because I don’t clean him, he just spends most of the day outside. Now whenever she comes over, I don’t let him play outside until after she leave because I can’t deal with her comments.

Whenever we go to see her, she’s always inspecting him. She checks his ears to make sure there’s no wax, she checks his finger nails, his toe nails to make sure they are clean and short, checks his diaper to make sure I cleaned him properly. It makes me feel like she thinks I am incompetent and a shitty mother.

So the other day we went to her house. She had to run to get milk so my son and I were in the backyard, and he was playing with chalk. He wiped his face with his hand, and got chalk on his face. She came back and freaked out she was like WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM WHY IS HE SO DIRTY. Like super dramatic I was like he got chalk on his face like it’s not a big deal. She ran over, pulled him inside and gave him a bath and I just stood there like feeling totally judged.

On the Fourth of July, we went to my moms house, and my son of course with the dirt, got pretty dirty. I cleaned him the best I could, but he had some dirt in his nails. I keep his nails pretty short so I couldn’t get all the dirt out because I can’t scrub underneath because the nail is so short. It’s like the dirt gets around his nails and the only way to get it out is to soak his nails in the bath. So after my moms house, we went to see my MIL. She took him in the bathroom and cut his nails and they were so so so short that 3 of his fingers were bleeding.

His third birthday party she spent the day chasing him around with a wet wipe. Anytime he touched dirt or grass or a rock she would bug out screaming NO NO NO.

She’s so crazy.

I see her once a week and I have such bad anxiety. I feel like she doesn’t think I clean him and she thinks I am like a dirty person ( I swear I’m not) I hate being around her but I have no choice because my husband wants her to see her grandchildren

I won’t leave her alone with my kids either due to her crossing boundaries which is like a whole other story. My son slept over when he was 14 months old when I was having my daughter. I asked her nicely to not give him apple juice. She got mad at me for “telling her what to do” and posted a bunch of pics of him drinking apple juice on Facebook and then I asked her to FaceTime so I could see him (I just had a baby and was super hormonal) and she told me no he was having too much fun, so I couldn’t see him. Another time I left him with her for an hour and she gave him a bowl cut because his hair was “bothering her”

So all these little comments are building up and I really can’t deal with her.

Would you be bothered by this situation or am I being ridiculous?