Pregnant Or Not


I have 4 children. I am 14 weeks Postpartum. Baby was born on June 11th, 2021. First Period was @ 7 weeks postpartum. It was light. I had sex one time 2 weeks prior to that(July 18th). I had a positive test on Aug 29th. I told my husband. Next day(30th) I started spotting. Next 2 Days(31st, 1st) after I had light bleeding. Day after(2nd) I spotted again. Then I told someone else about this test that was positive, followed by that super light period. Then the next day I started bleeding really light again. This was literally 2 weeks after the previous light period, but it was 3 days of spotting. I have been extremely fatigue and nauseous to where I wouldn't eat anything. Now all of sudden I'm like starving and non stop snacking/eating. Still super fatigue. Still really nauseated feeling. I seriously think I'm pregnant, but is it just all in my head??? I took a couple more tests today and they are negative now.