Does your man make more money than you?

I had a conversation with my friend the other day and I said that I wouldn’t marry a man if he made less money than I do. I know money isn’t the most important thing and I’m not a materialistic person but I grew up with absolutely nothing and my mom always had unemployed husbands (she’s been married 5 times) I think thats why now It’s an immediate turn off if he makes a significant amount lower than I do or is even unemployed. I think, if he isn’t going to invest in himself enough to make more money then how is he going to invest in our future family? What about when I have to take time off for when we have babies? I work SO hard I expect him to do the same. She was shocked and said that I am to “domesticated”. Are these not rational reasons on wanting my husband to make more than me? I fully believe in helping with bills of course but he should make more than me. If a your man doesn’t make more than you that is totally fine and I don’t judge anyone else’s relationship. It’s just what I personally prefer.

I never said I made 90k a year and he made 65k so throwing what if’s out there isn’t really going to make a difference. I don’t want to be the primary bread winner in the family. I’d like my husband to be.

Edit: if I was married and something happened to where his pay was knocked down, obviously I would support him and be a good wife to him. I wouldn’t just leave him but I wouldn’t marry a man that is comfortable with me taking on the financial responsibility. I only make 40k a year so it’s not like I make a whole lot of money or am expecting him to be a millionaire. I just want him to make more than I do so when I have to stay home with the babies, we will be okay and not have to worry.