Fiancé created a onlyfans while me and our 2 month old baby were sleeping


I have became a monster going through his phone. This habit he has brings out a crazy in me I’ve never experienced. I’ll try to keep a long story short. We’ve dated 3 years been together 2, lived together one. We moved into a rental together in July 2020. He had mentioned his phone password a month or two before this. About a month after moving in, after seeing a girls name pop up every now and then on Snapchat. I got curious, and this was the first time I looked. He had nudes, tons of nudes. Of Ex’s, people he went to high school with (9 years ago), girls he said were friends, etc. His Snapchat was also pretty filled with saved convos from other girls as well, sexy pictures stuff like that. I confronted him, we move on. His birthday is nov.21, we find out I and pregnant the next day. January comes, I found saved pictures again, this time screenshots of girls he knows on Instagram. (The original ones I found were deleted) this time he is physical, leaving bruises on my arms because of me going through his phone again, and the way I “approached him” I was so mad (and pregnant) already starting to resent this man, I don’t even remember how I approached him about it. Now things have became toxic. My hormones are a mess, I have the fear of my body changing and not being sexy anymore. Seeing the girls he looks at makes me insecure. I’ve told him this and I am hurting now because it has became physical all because I don’t like who or what he looks at. I know he is a man. But it’s hard to respect a man when his fiancé expresses concern as to why he can’t stop looking at other females. It happened a few more times through my pregnancy. He gets defensive and then rages at me. Verballly and physically. Today he created an only fans while me and our baby girl were about to wake up and had messaged two people. I don’t even know how you can do that without paying. But I don’t know anything about that s***. I guess we have different views on it. But Today the physical was bad. I’m at a loss. I know this all sounds crazy. I want to stop even looking but I always have a feeling, I’m a very intuitive person. And then boom, more girls. Today he told me it’s my fault because I gave him a bj the other night and he had to pee and when he came back it just wasn’t the same, I got tired and went to bed. I’m learning how to take care of a newborn and breastfeed and I’m exhausted. He said I didn’t even come back and make him cum. Mind you, I gave him so many bjs when I was pregnant. He stopped wanting to have sex with me at like 7 months pregnant. Says I don’t act like I want him and it’s my fault he looks. I need advice. Positive, negative, real. Help.