Was I in the wrong with my husband?

I've been with my husband for a long time, since we were teenagers. We have children and three pets, two of them being rambunctious kittens we adopted about four months ago after our previous cat passed away.

I'm a SAHM with mental health struggles and a baby at home and one in school, & he works a ton of hours. Basically we are both burnt out and exhausted.

One problem my husband has asked me to work on is repeatedly asking for reassurance about a situation. I have also asked him to work on his temper as past few months when he gets mad he gets real grumpy real fast. Sometimes I feel he is unhappy with the kittens as they aren't like our previous cat who passed from cancer.

These kittens are babies so they get into everything, scratch, break things around the house, etc.

We have multiple scratching posts, toys, cat tower & kitten tunnels for our cats around the home. We have 2 scratching pads right on corner of new sofa. New couch was very expensive and obviously we are training them not to scratch it by guiding them to scratch pads with treats & spraying them with water when they scratch couch. If I don't have a spray bottle i will clap my hands together loudly and say No!

Last night my husband was drying water off floor when one of the kittens stood on scratch pad to scratch couch. My husband said "no!" In a stern voice and the kitten ran under the couch toward the other side of the room I believe.

My husband took the towel in his hand and thwacked it against the couch corner so it made a loud noise and said "no!" Again to the kitten.

After that he went off room to cool off.

I went after him and told him how that was wrong and mean and it made me anxious as well as cats. He said he was annoyed as couch was expensive & spray bottle was in another room somewhere.

I kept pressing the issue and told him how wrong it was and how it escalated the situation and how the kittens feel.

He told me they're kittens not people and he's sorry and wouldn't do it again.

Later before bed I told him again how it made me upset. I kept pressing him to apologize again and not do it again. He told me it wouldn't happen again and he realizes that. I kept pressing him and he gets annoyed at this point and starts imitating my voice like mocking me and telling me to drop it as we've talked it over.

Once half asleep I tell him it made me upset he took on a mocking tone with me and he was half asleep and kept reassuring me and I kept bugging him. He rolled over and said "I give up, goodnight."

Now this morning he's at work and I've been texting him how it made me upset and he told me he's upset as I'm treating him like a bad guy when I've snapped at kittens a few times. I told him how I felt about the situation, he told me he wouldn't do it again and for us to move on.

Was I in the wrong?

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