Super bummed, nobody to go with me to my ultrasound tomorrow.

Darian • Growing my rainbow 🌈 also if you’re here to start drama with me, let’s not.

So even though my mom isn’t supposed to know we are pregnant yet, I’ve already told her because I couldn’t keep it to myself. She was the first to know about my pregnancy in April and the first to know when the baby stopped growing in May.

I have an ultrasound tomorrow and my fiancé can’t get out of work so I asked her to go with me. We were so excited and planned on meeting at the hospital at 2:45, my ultrasound is at 3.

She texted me this morning and told me that MULTIPLE of her coworkers have covid and she’s been exposed to all of them, including one who coughed on her a few days ago. I’m scared for her because her health definitely isn’t the best, and I’m bummed that I have to go to my ultrasound alone.. this sucks.

I’m going to try to FaceTime her during like I did for the last one, just worried and super bummed out.