Still in shock...


I was scheduled for a fertility assessment this morning (12DPO, 2 days before my period due) and I decided to take a test as I hadn’t felt super well and I wanted to go in knowing where I stood. Thank god I was already on the toilet because when I tell you I ALMOST $#!T myself 😂😭

I just got my IUD out in June. I’ve always been tracking my periods with this app and in July I started using OPKs, never got a full positive in July. I also started taking fertilaid, my husband used the one for men, and using pre seed in July. I also was tracking BBT. August my cycle was like clockwork, I caught my fertile window on clear blue digital and confirmed my peak with that and cheapie strips. You can see on my chart below I BD quite a bit and appear to have the spike to confirm ovulation. My temp has been up ever since and even went higher to 98 as of this morning and that’s when I got the positive ❤️.

I am waiting on confirmation blood work tomorrow and first ultrasound is in 2 weeks - I can’t wait!! We are waiting to tell anyone until the U/S is done.

not a lot of symptoms, I had cramping a few days ago but they’re gone now aside from some heaviness in my uterus. I’ve had a nasty headache for a few days and very fatigued. Minor minor nausea. Boobs not really sore but very aware of them? No implantation spotting.

I’m so scared to be excited or get my hopes up, I see so many women go through the tragic heartbreak of loss.

I hope my post helps someone.