first time with my boyfriend!!


so i’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years. This whole relationship has been incredible; he’s really really sweet and thoughtful and he’s not afraid to be sensitive. He helps bring out the best version of myself, and we’re always careful to talk about everything that bothers us or that we’re curious about. It’s the longest and most wholesome relationship i’ve ever been in. Not to mention, i’m extremely attracted to this man. We’ve never had penetrative sex but we’re sexually active (basically everything but actual penetration), and he has me drooling every single time. I recently started birth control pills and we’re starting to plan out a day where we’ll rent an airbnb (we both still live with our parents and mine are really conservative), tell everyone we’re going to the park or something, and spend a few hours there and most likely have sex for the first time. i’ve never been more sure of anything before; but i have one tiny question. if we’ve been together for this long and had oral sex and everything, do we need to get tested for STDs? i know it would probably be ideal but would you consider it crucial? ive never gotten any sores or anything from giving him head, and vice versa. what do you think?