Lh surge after peak


Okay so I use clearblue advanced opks. I don't temp or anything but I check for cm and sex gets painful when I ovulate and lines up perfectly when I get my peak on the opk. So I got my peak on the 12th of this month. So I'm supposed to be 6 dpo. I usually test a couple times after peak to watch it go down. So of course I tested about 3 days later and my lh went back down. For some reason I felt like testing it out again today which would be 3 days after my lh went down. Well low and behold I get a flashing smiley. Take in account I usually test after my peak and sometimes right before af and I've yet to see the lh rise after I hit my peak. Has this happened to anyone else? What came of it? Should I head to the drs and voice my concerns? Would they even be able to give me an answer?