ERA or transfer ?


Hello ladies I am new to the <a href="">IVF</a> world. I did my first part of <a href="">IVF</a> treatment we were able to get 21 eggs and 13 were able to get tested for abnormalities out of 13 only 6 came back normal the doctor only told me 4 girls with good grade and two boys one better grade than the other. My doctor suggested we do ERA since we want to transfer a boy and he said we would be waisting a great great egg if it was unsuccessful but I don’t want to because it would be my first transfer I figured if it didn’t work than do a ERA but not before . For us they are charging $1500 to take the Transfer medicine than $689 for the biopsy and I think $150 for another test he wants me to do before I transfer but I don’t think I should do that yet unless I do have a unsuccessful transfer. Any advice or experience is greatly appreciated from anyone that has gone through this it’s greatly appreciated.