My son's father hasn't been seeing him.

Me and my son's dad have split custody. On his custody day he saw his grandma on his dad's side. My baby daddy randomly disappeared. And didn't pick my son up when he was supposed to. He went MIA a few days and I picked out son up from his mom's. He apologized and said something happened and since then he hasn't been trying to get his son on his days. I went by his house to see what's going on and he looks like he hasn't left his house in weeks. I was gonna yell at him but something was obviously wrong. I said "Michael what's going on? What's wrong?" And he started crying. He didn't say anything. He just cried and we sat in silence. He said he's getting our son tomorrow. I'm just concerned something is wrong.

I can get in trouble for not letting him have his custody time. And he technically hasn't done anything that says he's a danger to our son. I think I'll try what Anne said though and suggest we go to the park together. Maybe then he will open up.

@Momx4 taking him back to court is pointless. My state doesn't like doing full custody and like I said he hasn't really done anything wrong per say. Plus I went through postpartum depression and didn't leave my house and nobody was trying to take my son away. I don't understand why people keep saying to take my son from him when it seems to be having a hard time.