Advice please...

So 2 months ago o told my husband I was going down back home for a wedding ( he can’t go cause his work isn’t allowing time off right now) he was completely ok with it n I kept him posted on every little detail..

He had his truck during this time, well he started posting his truck to sell n I told him he might want To wait till I get back because he only has his motorcycle., ( he uses my car from 5a-8a) he ignored me anf sold his truck anyways.

Well fast forward to yesterday he got into a huge fight saying I can’t leave and i Needed to leave at the last second cause I was screwing him over with no car and everything and I told him no because I’ve had this planned for months and he knew.

So today I left at 7a I went to go say goodbye to him and before I walked into the room he’s like DONT. Domt say anything your gonna make it seem like this is all my fault. Just leave. And I was like csn wd please talk before I leave. And he ignored me.

So I left and he didn’t talk to me the whole drive, I get to my moms house we’re in staying for the wedding o go to text him and he blocked me.. so I try Snapchat to send a pic of our daughter to him. Cause I toom our 9m old daughter with us. And he blocked me on there too. The only place I wasn’t blocked was Facebook messenger, so I sent him a text asking hey why’d you block me?? And I haven’t gotten a response...

I honestly don’t know what to do in this situation.,, I’m in disbelief that he blocked me..