I'm NOT okay with this UPDATE

Samantha • Oriana 12/29/21 & Baby A 6/4/22

Currently my boyfriend and I live with my parents, along with my 20 year old brother and his somewhat girlfriend. (Not sure what they are tbh).

Everyone in the house is into weed besides my mother,me, and my boyfriend. So I thought.

I grew up with my brother and father into weed, it was always a priority and put above us kids. I always get extremely uncomfortable when they do it around me or ask me to get their shit for them.

My father, boyfriend, and brother's girl all work at the same job. Along with a bunch of other people who smoke. One day they got my bf to try a little, I was uncomfortable when he told me but just brushed it off as a one time thing. Come to find out, my brother and his girl have been having him try different bud vape flavors. In the car this morning while picking her up because he didn't go in last night, she gives him a bud vape and tells him she doesn't like the flavor. This is where I draw the line.

Don't get me wrong, I have pretty strong feelings about him. But I'm going to have to go against them if he starts actually using them which will absolutely destroy my heart. I never want to hang out with my dad or brother when they're high or even just after they take a small hit. I can deal with just the 3 doing it, but when they include him in it, it hits a whole new level of discomfort.

We have a daughter on the way currently (28w + 3). I can't handle it. I already told him that when he vapes, even just a regular vape pen, don't expect to get close to me for any hugs or kisses along with picking up our daughter afterwards. I don't like the smell nor the taste, you may think it smells nice with their "mango" flavor and bullshit but truth is after you exhale that out, after a few minutes it smells like shit. He's never tried smoking anything or taking anything up at his moms house. This is actually the #1 reason why I was hesitant about letting him meet my dad or the rest of my family. I just don't want him to turn to weed or even just the weed vapes. He's basically been hiding it from me that he's been trying the flavors that they have him try and I'm sure if I mention it to him he'll just keep doing it along with hiding it from me too.

I honestly don't know what to do, at this point I'm completely out of my comfort zone. I understand I can't control what he does, but our daughter isn't going to grow up like I did.

Update: A male friend of ours talked to him along with my mother. He never intended for it to get out of hand and promised to stop. ❤