Help me figure out if my crush likes me!

Ok so I work with this guy and we are both teachers. He’s a bit older than me but attractive and I am an attractive female (definitely don’t have a big ego, just painting the picture). I have always felt he likes me as he smiles a lot when he’s talking to me but then I also feel like he’s nervous/awkward at the same time. Sometimes he won’t look me in the eye if he is talking to me.

Today was a normal day and we were talking about certain students and actually giving a bit of eye contact and smiling A LOT when we were talking to each other. There was the nervous energy in the room as usual. After school the cleaner was cleaning the room and it was just us 3 in there and him and I were chatting about other things not school related. He seemed even more upbeat, smiling and was asking me questions about my life and there was no nervous energy. I found this confusing as I thought he liked me and now I’m wondering if having the cleaner in the classroom made him feel more comfortable around me? Like the pressure was off and he really doesn’t like me at all and that’s why he was not as nervous?

Please help me decode this!