Had this happened to anyone else?


Hi guys,

I was due for AF on the 8th of November.

I did a test on the 6th and got a vvvvv faint line and my « period » started that day. 2 days of heavy bleeding and 3 days of spotting after.

On the 10th I had a darker line and went and got bloods done. My levels of beta hcg were 10. I got more bloods done today (12th of November) and the levels were 17.

The doctors don’t know if it’s going to be a miscarriage or if there is going to be a pregnancy. I’ve stopped bleeding now and have pregnancy symptoms.

Has this happened to anyone before?

I know the levels are meant to roughly double every day but if I was miscarrying wouldn’t they go down?

Please give me your opinions 👋

Photo: too test is test done on the 7th and bottom test was done today.

Thanks :)

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