Well after light spotting AF showed

Sam • 31, TTC baby #1

Going onto our 5th month TTC now. This is rough. Everyone around me is getting pregnant and/or having their baby and every month I am “trying”. What even is trying lol is it bbt every morning? OPK’s 3x a day, checking cervix, checking mucus, limiting caffeine, no alcohol … I’m doing everything ‘right’ but it’s not happening. And before I get 5000 comments saying it’s takes a year for a healthy couple, yeah I know I do the same research as you. Doesn’t mean this doesn’t suck.

Baby dust to everyone! I’m going to settle it down this month and just try to aim for every other day and hit the day before my ovulation, day of, and day after in case. Not going to over analyze every sign this month and just start focusing on living for right now.

Sorry, just so defeated.