Plan B baby! Due July 19ish

Breezy ☀️

Y’all, I took a faint positive 9 days after IC! 😳 (this photo is about 14dpo)

HCG was 19 last Friday, this past Wednesday it was 372.

So, to start off, I have 19mo twins.

My app which has always been spot on, said I’d be ovulating in one week from the day we had IC. My body was telling me different though, all signs of ovulating. Even though I ended my period like a week prior. So I took an OPK, negative. We had IC two days after that. Something told me to take an OPK the day after IC. Blazing positive. Even though that technically means you WILL ovulate in the next day or so. I thought oh no.. I sent my husband to the pharmacy for Plan B! I was imagining having to get a car seat all the way in the back of my SUV and was not about that. 😅 (we’ve talked about trying for a baby next year) I took the pill about 30 hours after IC, and I am under the cut off weight for it to work. It was just too late, I must have already ovulated!

And I decided to take a HPT 9 days after IC and there was a faint line! So I took a first response, and again.. positive.

So here I am! Peeing on every last test I have.

Just because we weren’t “ready” for this baby doesn’t mean we don’t want it! (Hate calling it that, I hope it’s a girl though! 😉) We are both excited! Just praying for a healthy pregnancy as I delivered my twins at 31 weeks, after going into preterm labor at 26 weeks!