BFN day 6 after 5day fresh embryo transfer :(

Sheena • 38yrs old, wife, social worker, beautiful 6yr old 👦 via IUI in 2015, TTC #2 since January 2018. Stage 2 Endo. 👼 👼 🌈

Looking for some positive, hope inspiring stories of people who had a negative home test on day 6 after an <a href="">IVF</a> transfer but still ended up with a positive.

38yrs old.

5yr old son (blessing after 1 <a href="">IUI</a> attempt)

3.5yrs of trying for baby #2.

8 IUIs - 2 of them successful that ended in miscarriages.

1st <a href="">IVF</a> attempt.

Feeling defeated :(