Am I overreacting or is he?

We went out to eat and the whole time, my partner kept trying to tease me. We planned on having sex when we got back. We pulled up to the house and I started to unbuckle my baby out of his car seat. The way the house is set up, we were going through a side door with a small porch and steps. We usually leave the trash cans a few feet away from the steps. Well as I started to approach with my baby, I could visibly see one of the cans shaking like something was stuck. I immediately called out for partner and was like “uhhhh babe!!” Next thing I know, a pretty big rat jumps out.

The thing is, I just moved in with him and they used to have a problem with rats. (It’s common in the area) I am especially terrified of them because a few years back, he didn’t warn me they had this issue and one followed me into the bathroom. He said he found a solution to them but I’m always worried about them coming back. So immediately, I get panicky that since they are close by the house, we might start to see them inside too.

I lost interest in having sex but my boyfriend wasn’t even phased. And not only that, but he’s actually mad that I lost interest.

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