Evil in laws

It’s been a rocky rocky road with my in laws and my husbands brother and his wife.

They have hated me since they met me. Never once have I done ANYTHING to those people. When they have been rotten to me I’ve still respected them, treated them good, been super nice. I’ve grown to really hate them. His mother and step father weee on drugs when my husband was a small kid till when he was a teenager so many many years. His whole childhood and they literally beat the shit out of my him. They killed animals n front of him to scare him I could go on and on.

His brother however always had their uncle he never had to experience the trauma and pain like my husband did. His brother dated this girl when they were kids literally like 11 years old and they have been together since. So now it would be close to 15 years together. Everyone loves the brothers wife even though she has no job, no car, no drivers permit, won’t go to school has no drive to do anything in life. They don’t even have kids. She’s 26 years old and mooches off her husband. Her husband is a doctor now. ( yet his family degraded me because I haven’t gone to school yet, even though I have 3 kids ) She has ruined her husband and the whole family knows it and doesn’t care, she’s so toxic however I’ve been nothing but loyal to my husband and we have kids and I’m working full time and we are trying to build a life yet I’m the one everyone hates. ( me and my man have been together for 4 years now ) My son is 2 and my MIL treats him like her own son ( in the beguinning there was issues over that ) but I got over it cause she helps me a lot with him. So thanksgiving they are having a huge family dinner and the brother and his wife will be there and I don’t want my son to be there because of this. Now you can say I’m being immature but I’ve allowed SO MUCH disrespect from them. I’m puttin my foot down now, they don’t care about my son, they never ask how he is, not even a happy birthday towards him. They favor another family members baby over their own nephew and I just don’t want my son around them!! They are horrible! My MIL told me it’s too bad because she’ll somehow convince my husband to bring my son.

I know this will probably cause issues with my husband and I because he hates the family drama but I’m at a freaking loss! Why should I feel forced for this? I’m tired of being the “ bad guy “ but my kid doesn’t deserve this shit. My own mom said I’m being “ petty “ about it and just putting my son in the middle of this when that’s not the case. I literally don’t think my son should be around “ family “ who doesn’t care of his existence! If my MIL would have gone about it in a different way I could probably re concider how I’m acting but the “ too damn bad “ attitude is just a HELL NO. And to add they never even invited my other two kids ( which aren’t my husbands kids ) but his step kids! Share some thoughts? I don’t know what to do anymore over this.