Am I wrong for feeling this way?

We’ve recently moved into an apartment with my partner, daughter, and SIL. My partner has a 3yo doberman and SIL has an 8yo pitbull so you can imagine how tight things are in an apartment. At first I didn’t think I would have any problem since I was ready to get out of my parent’s place. Now I’m getting very irritated. Bc we have these two large and energetic dogs, there’s little space for my daughter to explore. I can’t leave them outside on the patio bc our doberman barks at everything and the pitbull jumps on the door wanting to be let in. But when they’re inside they run around and aggressively play fight with each other which scares my daughter. They had their own space where they can lay and ofc they lay there but like any dog they’re going to want to get up and play. It’s just frustrating that my daughter doesn’t feel comfortable to crawl around. They’ve knocked her over countless of times. I can tell she wants to start standing on her own but she’s scared bc of the dogs. Anytime she hears the dogs coming she stops what she’s doing and cries when they walk by. My parents have told us that they’d be more than happy to keep our doberman at their house and my partner can just stop by a couple times a week or on weekends to take her out for a walk. He refuses and I understand, it’s his dog and doesn’t want to give that responsibility to anyone else but it’s obviously causing issues. My SIL and I agree that it would be best but whenever we bring it up he immediately shuts down the idea and changes the subject. I just want my daughter to feel comfortable in her home and not constantly feel nervous about crawling around and exploring. Am I wrong for feeling this way?

@Realist unfortunately we live in an area where rent is expensive and minimum wage is trash. A 1 bedroom is nearly $2,000 and you have to make 3x the rent in order to qualify for an apartment :// our hope is that my partner will get a pretty good raise and we’ll apply for a loan next year to buy a home of our own.

@Jess I want to take up the offer of leaving the doberman at my parents house. But my partner doesn’t. I don’t have much of a say since she’s not my dog.

@Ryanna If i could take them for a walk or to the park I would but unfortunately I can’t handle them both and the baby. They’re extremely strong and can drag me in a second. My daughter isn’t used to being around them since my SIL and her pitbull didn’t live with us and the doberman was an outside dog so she never really came into the home. So this is all new for all of us. My parents have the mentality that pitbulls are aggressive and don’t feel comfortable having him at their house but they’re fine with the doberman :/ and I can’t really fight it since it’s their home