Am I over thinking it or is he trying to say something


So I am currently in my first “entanglement” or “sneaky link” or idk steady dick type of relationship with this guy that I met my freshman year of college. And I’m not sure if he wants to be in a relationship or if he’s just a nice guy.

When we first started this whole friends with benefits thing I let myself down cause I had sex with him kinda quick even after saying to him I kinda liked him and I wanted to see where this would go. (my personal policy is I don’t date the people I hook up with. Ive always been told making them wait is the best way to see if a guys worth you time or not) But over time I just kinda rolled with it and with me trying to get good grades, applying for internships, and just live my life and have my own business to deal with I lost those feelings of wanting a relationship with him. But over the past few weeks he’s been doing weird things that I think I maybe overthinking.

I told him once that I hated walking back to my dorm alone cause I feel like a sloozy jokingly and ever since then he’s been adamant on walking me home every time I come over. Every time I see him in public he make this big gesture of giving me a hug when I’ve said that in public we are simply friends. And today I was locked out my room (we live in dorms) and was walking walking to my RAs office to call them but insisted he had to come for my “well being”. I once said that I could move out my parents home and he said that I’m too much of a space cadet and that I needed someone like him to live with. But when he said that I was more like im no capable. He acts like my brother basically.

I know those seems like a yes he does but when we decided to hook up regularly we made it super clear that we would only be hooking up nothing more nothing less. I know he’s talking to other girls and idk what they have going on but I know his phone is packed and I am confused cause he seems like a guy that talks his stuff and goes by it.

I need another’s opinion cause I don’t want to assume cause I know once I get even the slightest smidgen of him liking me my romantics feelings will come back.