Help please? Advice??


Two nights ago I was giving my fiancé a bj, he knows I don’t normally like him cumming in my mouth.. anyway we was both enjoying it and getting excited, I tried dirty talk and said ‘where are you gonna cum’ and he said ‘I’m your mouth’ I was enjoying it so I just didn’t even take that in, even still he would normalllt still warm me, yet this time he just came, I froze and didn’t know what to do, I spat it out and felt uncomfortable. We’re getting married in 7 days and I’m so scared we won’t be together anymore because I have ocd and bad anxiety anyway, my anxiety is telling me it’s assault but I truly don’t feel like it is! I’m more pissed that it’s near the wedding and it’s put me in a weird and ‘off’ mood. He was so apologetic and said he was sorry immediately, he nearly cried and he’s the best guy and I know he’d never hurt me but I was still shocked. Is it just miscommunication or is it assault? I still want to cuddle him, hold him, be the same with him I just can’t get rid of this ‘shocked’ feeling and I’m still hurt I guess.