A year someone did meth and coke and flipped her car in our driveway

Have you ever seen someone high on coke and meth?

Well I have and this is just.. buckle up.

No pun intended.

There is a gas station across the street from my moms. Then there's an electric pole right by her mail box in a ditch by her driveway.

I get to my moms and I see a car flipped over in her ditch. My entire family is surrounding the car. She had spun out, lost control, flipped and hit the electric pole so hard she snapped it in half and ripped it out of the ground which then led to the other pole that was literally cemented into the ground being ripped out.

When that cement was ripped out of the ground, it came up and destroyed the bottom of a really nice camper trailer we had parked on our property.

She fucked our shit up, and the first thing my family did was run out and help her. She was buckled in and upside down and was screaming at us to fuck off and telling us she would "bite our eyes out." We then watched her shove like a million baggies of drugs all in her pants and in her shirt and bra. We called for EMS and the police are the first to arrive.

We warn him that she's acting insane and he goes "ma'am, do you need any help?" And she undoes her seat belt, falls on her head, rolls out, and starts fighting the cop with all the drugs falling out of her clothes. He told us to back up as she was socking him in his jaw 100 times. He never hit her though, he was trying to like.. idk what you call it, Contain her? Eventually he puts her in like.. a human pretzel and cuffs her. Pulls all the drugs off of her, has the EMS Crew check her out and then they arrest her. We were out of power for 12 hours and they had to bring a Crain to fix the damage.

6 months later she knocks on my moms door and apologised to my mom, and she helped pay to fix the camper. She said she was high on coke and meth and sped out of the gas station and lost control and flipped. but ever since going to jail she got her life together and got sober.

So this was a roller coaster of a story. It's the one year anniversary of this so I felt like sharing. Yes we have pics

Insurance paid to fix the pole that was actually on our property. My mom didn't have the camper insured