Am I wrong?

So my boyfriend and I agreed that I’d stay home cook clean and he’d work to pay bills and he decided to not go to work for a week because he doesn’t want to. While me not have a job waiting for this job to make up my mind after the third interview. He still expects me to cook clean and do everything else while he’s been sitting around doing nothing. Although I am grateful that he’s been working we both agreed to do something and he expects me to do the same and him not. Ever since he’s been talking to me like crap. He expects me to cook every day with certain foods and that’s fine. But he never gives me credit. He'll tell me what he didn’t like about the meal almost every time but when it’s good he barely says anything. Every time he says a comment to me he tells me “you’re twisting my words into something to make a fight” no I got upset about your comment and I’m telling you that not trying to argue just trying to communicate. And instead of understanding that he thinks I’m attacking him personally and automatically says “I’m not wrong” he is NEVER wrong it’s amazing. I’m always wrong. I’m always twisting his words or hearing something wrong. Or I’m starting something. He'll walk off when I don’t kiss his ass and agree to what he says. Everything is about him and his wants and his needs and any time anyone kisses their girlfriend's ass to make her happy he scoffs and acts like it’s a crime. That it should be the opposite. That I need to be bending my back for him. I’m just so unhappy with this relationship and any time I mention that he tells me” door is right there go ahead” instead of trying to fix the problem.

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