If your ttc look at this


Ladies look into krystal alkaline doula on fb she is amazing she’s a herbalist/doula she has healed pcos fibroids endometriosis she’s even healed other things like lupus shrunk tumors etc but the main is fertility she has had over 4000 women get pregnant 21 sets of twins

She sells teas steams lotions etc for women and men

Her teas that help get pregnant are called baby boom

Sperm vitality (hubby) blood purifier (both) Divine iron (both) she has teas for anxiety depression addiction weight gain/loss Chronic BV milk flow kidney health heart health a tea that helps prevent miscarriage migraines allergies this lady is like the female dr Sebi I seen women report that she was 50 had been told she would never get pregnant and did 5 women with their tubes tied reported pregnancies PLEASE LADIES IF YOUR TRYING FOR A BABY LOOK INTO HER