Please pray for me

All I'm asking for are prayers and positive vibes! I'm having my baby on Wednesday via csection because she's breech. Well, her dad is battling addiction and the other day I had to kick him out. I called 911 two days in a row because he overdosed. I've never stuck to my guns with kicking him out until now. So please ask the lord to give me strength. I can not allow him back in my home, around my baby, when he is using. I told him he needs to go back to rehab and have at least 60 days clean before coming back again. His priorities aren't in line. And if he decides to not go to rehab, and that he just wants to be an addict, then that's fine. But he won't have a place to live then. His family and I always give him fresh starts. New hair cut, new phone, new this and that. But not anymore

So, please pray I have the strength to do what I need to do, and that God is watching over him and that he will stay sober.