Commiserate with me

I'm 30 weeks with #4 and feel awful. I have gestational diabetes and need insulin. My blood sugar is well controlled, but baby is HUGE. Already predicted over 4lbs, measuring 3 weeks ahead. I'm huge. Everywhere I go I hear "wow, due any day". I have back pain on my lower right side that is excruciating by night time and I can barely walk. I'm talking take a step and my leg gives out and I can't help but scream out and sob pain. With my first three I had it but resting helps, this time even laying in bed is downright painful and I cry just trying to roll over.

Now the past couple of days I'm really nauseous, my legs are tingly, my head is foggy, I have headaches, and I'm so tired. I feel horrible and I've got at least another 10 weeks because my babies don't come early.

I'm so jealous of the women who have natural pregnancies and births, the ones who love every stage and feel great the whole way through. That's all I ever wanted but my body doesn't agree.