Is it “OK” to share your relationship issues with family ?

I’m in a little dilemma. I already asked my dad and he said it is never ok to share your problems to your family unless someone is being abused or threatened. His theory is that your partners family will always side with your partner because “blood is thicker than water” he also said that they may not see you the same and even hold a grudge against you…

So here’s my dilemma. My bf sucks at communicating with me and I understand and tried to be patient. However, lately I’ve been pissed because this has been the 3rd time he does this.

When we have an issue he tells his family. He only tells them when it’s my fault. For example, if we argued because he insulted me, he won’t tell them because it was obviously his fault and it’ll make him look bad. But let’s the say we argued because I told him I want his cellphone password (this just an example I didn’t ask for it!!!) he will tell his family I’m being pyscho then his family obviously will tell him that’s controlling. He will only tell his family when it benefits him (if I make sense)

I’m a bit hurt because I never seek advice from my family except for today. I always try to keep between us.

The only issue when he tells his family is he shows me what they say through screenshots or text messages he will forward them to me saying “see you’re wrong” or “see you’re toxic, my family things you’re wrong”

I already told him if he really thinks I’m toxic he can dump me. There’s no need to say all that about me and come back to me …he chooses to stay with me I know for a fact his family will look at me differently

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