Baby #3 does come super fast!


So long birth story post!

we were 40w+1 yesterday... i had a feeling she would come late like her sister and have to be induced! ... well as soon as i woke up to get my son ready for school 7am... i said yea she is coming today... got my son dressed amd let my mom know today was gonna be the day. I had a plan if i saw 1 of 2 women taking their kids into to school i was gonna ask them to take my son to class but didn't see them... walked him to class and told his teacher of changes to pick up for thw next couple days. Called my husband at work at 8:30 told him babe is coming but told him he didnt need to come home yet. I thought my water had broke i was leaking every so often. I went home packed my bag husband came home anyway at 9... left at 10... contractions werw 7 minutes apart lasting about 1 min each stopped at wawa... went in to order food since i didn't eat yet... the contractions were starting to hurt... went back to the car and by the time we left for the hospital it was 10:34. The hospital is about 30 mins of legal speed limit driving... well we set out and 5 mins down the road my contractions are getting painful and longer.... i was screaming.... my water really broke.... thank god for depends... my husband slowly picks up speed to get us to the hospital we get there and i cant climb out of my seat i am in so much pain.... still screaming! Get inside and i am sweating trying to strip my clothes off and the lady is trying to check us in and asks what bring us in today... it 10:57 i about lost it... a baby is about to come out she jumped out of her seat and called people i checked in on the way to the hospital with labor and delivery but that was not in the cards. A nurse took me in an er room to see how far along i was.... they stripped my pants and checked me i was fully dialated with baby starting to come on her own.... no meds no epidoral... no fluids no anything... my dr ran from the labor and delivery unit to the er and ordered me to breath then hold my breathe amd push for 10 seconds four times and she will come out... i could not breath as it was so i screamed instead. 🤣 all the nurses and drs in the room... they stuck me with some shot like a horse... and finally got some pitocin in me... and it was about 8 pushed in and she came right out... at 11:34 qbout 35 minutes after we got to/the hospital and about 15 minutes after getting into the room.... the ring of fire is real... though this is the first time i experienced it. No tearing or stitches this time. Extra birth of the placenta... was weird... and babe was bruised which was weird but cleared up by early after noon....

so if we have a next time... we are leaving earlier for the hospital!