My mom had a stroke


Any advice would be greatly appreciated! April 22nd my mom had a stroke in front of me. It was so scary, but I managed to call 911 in the 1st few minutes that it happened. They told me it was a level 13 stroke. She doesn't have any feeling in her left arm at all. Her left leg is just starting to get some feeling. She ended up on a ventilator because they had to remove a huge mucus plug from her airway. Her nose had to be packed because of the severe nose bleed. Now that she's back in the stroke center we have decided to put in a peg tube because she cannot swallow...the food or liquid goes right into her lungs. 75% of the time she has her mind and we can have a conversation, but 10 seconds later she sees bugs, cobwebs, and it's raining in her room and she super confused. Her therapist said her therapy level is only 8. She cannot sit up herself...she falls to the side and She has no concentration at all. They tell her to do something and she says ok, but just sits there. Is there ANYTHING I can do to help her? I just don't want her giving up.