9mo screeching & refusing to fall asleep

my son hit 9m about a week ago and has suddenly started screeching (not screaming- it’s like raspy, grit your teeth, screeching) over things like if we don’t give him something he can’t have, or lay him on his change table to get changed for example. i know he’s learning new things and developing new emotions, etc so i’m not too concerned. it’s just getting really draining.

But he’s also started refusing to fall asleep both at night and naps. He sleeps perfect once he’s out, but when he’s trying to fall, he’s screeching as well, rolling all over the crib, sitting up, etc. He is a tummy/side sleeper but will refuse to lay on his tummy

or side and fall asleep (will NOT fall asleep on his back) & i have to really fight with him even though he’s so tired he can’t function outside the crib.

pretty sure he’s going through a bit of a growth spurt too since his intake went from 26-28oz to 30-36oz the last few days, so that could of course be causing all this- i guess i just needed to throw it out there, cause everything passes eventually. i just feel so bad for him because he’s only little but has issues i can’t really help with & feel lost sometimes (when he refuses to nap but can hardly stand without falling bc he’s so tired)… 😔