Trigger warning speaks of sexual assault

This is a long post

So basically my partner and I have been together awhile now very in love and we are currently trying to concieve.

In my past over a year ago I was raped by 3 men at the one time, this is something I have been going to ongoing therapy for and am currently on antidepressants for due to multiple attempts of suicide

I was starting to feel quiet good with the therapy and medication.

My partner is aware of my sexual assault but I never disclosed to him who assaulted me.

We were just relaxing on the bed and he was flicking through his Facebook and I saw a picture of one of the men who assaulted me

I instantly felt a rush of horror when I seen it and I instantly stopped my boyfriend and asked how does he know the guy and how comes they are Facebook friends.

My partner was super confused and said he was in his year in highschool

I felt like I couldn't breath and I disclosed that that was who raped me.

My boyfriend now is struggling to sleep etc as he knew what happened to me in fair amount of detail but could never truly picture it due to not knowing what he looked like.

Now that he knows who one of the guys is he is soo mad of course at someone he once thought of as a friend in high-school long before him and I ever met.

I feel so guilty that he is struggling so much, and I too am now struggling as it's resurfaced fears of mine and makes me feel sick to think the love of my life once spoke and even hung out with one of my rapists

My partner hasn't even been able to go to work due to nightmares regarding It and insomnia

Please note my partner has been nothing but supportive