2 week wait


I am in my two week wait I am 7 days past ovulation six DPO I had like a sharp and mild cramp from one side to the other and it lasted about like two minutes and then it went away. I have been very gassy and it is not like me at all I feel like I drink so much water but it’s just not enough and I can’t get my thirst. I’ve had like this weird taste in my mouth. I had a weird vivid dream the other night and it just kind of threw me off. One and five past ovulation I had like the poops and My stomach was just upset not necessarily cramps it was just uncomfortable feeling. And I’ve been peeing more than usual and every time I go to the bathroom it’s not even a lot it’s barely anything. I am tired during the day but when it comes to night time I just can’t sleep and when I do sleep it just doesn’t feel like enough because I’m so tired and dizzy in the morning and I have a headache in the mornings. It feels like I have a drainage in the back of my throat and I don’t know how to explain it but it just feels annoying like when I talk it’s just I don’t sound normal my fiancé she’s completely fine and it’s like what is happening. Baby dust to everyone ❤️💕😍🦋