Broken bone & pregnant


So today while at work, I slipped then tripped, landed on my ankle, and snapped my ankle (fibula) bone!

O...M...G... It hurt so freaking bad, I swore my foot was no longer connected by anything but skin when I attempted to get up!

I went to the ER and they did x-rays, I was covered in so much lead to protect the little one, they checked the heartbeat, was a strong 138!

I went home and took Tylenol, but the pain got so bad, I was in tears from the slightest movement, of any part of my body.

The ER doctor then gave me a prescription for norco, said I was safe to take it with no harm to baby.

Point of all of this is..

I am still super/somewhat nervous hoping that baby is ok and nothing hurts it.

I know the stress, the fall, the everything effects baby, so I'm trying not to freak, which I'm doing OK with. I have my next doctors appointment on the 13th. Praying for the best! Prayers appreciated!

(When I fell, most of the burden was on my ankle, some on my knee, then I pretty much made sure to twist and sit on my butt so baby was safe) so no direct trauma to tummy area thankfully!

Just wondering I guess if any of you have gone thru something similar and everything was ok in the end. Something to ease my mind I suppose!