What a day... thought it was over.


I'm on holiday in the UK from Australia and yesterday I was in hospital all day. Started with red blood when i wiped so called midwife who told me to go to hospital to get it checked out.

It was only a little and the doctors and nurses were not worried but sent me to the maternity assessment unit to get a blood test. Heart beat was good, no bleeding just that one occasion.

They then did a speculum exam- which made the bleeding much worse.... i freaked out a bit😣 so they did an ultrasound.

Baby Chu waved and measured perfectly (long legs like dad). Placenta was high no sign of bleeding.

They said i could probably go home. But then they came back and said "they've been debating about me and think it best if i stayed over night! !"

I got moved to a labour ward 😦 I then admitted to the doctor i was a little confused: as every test was fine and my bleeding was very light (stopped now). She explained it was an unusual decision for someone at 21 weeks with A+ blood. Then at about 6pm they changed there mind and let me go home.

They were lovely midwives and doctors. But it was such a scary and confusing day. I almost thought i was being a bit silly at the start as the bleeding had stopped and was only that one bit.

FX crossed that is the end of that drama. Just have a bit of left over spotting now. Jeez this pregnancy thing is stressful for me. 😢