Being Responsible

My insignificant (because he pissed me off) other and I have been in a relationship for 3.9 years and living together 1 year as of today. He is always late for work. He lost a job before due to attendance. So this morning he woke up late and had the audacity to get mad at me. I've been asking for his printed schedule to post on the refrigerator since Friday of last week and never got it. I am a social worker so I set my own schedule but I still post it weekly for safety issues just in case something happens my family knows where I am. I do this even at my mom's house and I no longer live there. He told me last night while I last doing a client's hair his times for the rest of the week and then on my way home we got into a argument so I forgot. But i have been trying to wake him up since 545 when the alarm first went off so that I could jump his bones and he wouldn't budge. Before we lived together we would call each other to get up so we could start the day off talking to each other but it was never an obligatory gesture. So my question is, as a live in so or spouse, is it your responsibility to make sure your mate is up on time for work. I'm pissed and sleepy I am on vacation so I should still be sleep. He is not a child so its not my duty to get him up.