Vaginal pain, sciatica or pregnancy? Help

Amanda C

I have mild sciatica, it use to be completely controlled with an occasional naproxin, which I have completely stopped taking while TTC. So my sciatica has been a little sore this week but yesterday my vagina started aching. It's swollen, achy and I have more of an urge to pee.

Any ideas? I have never had this kind of pain with my sciatica, not even when it was so bad I couldn't walk but Google says other people have vaginal sciatica pain. I don't think it's a uti as there is no pain, no pain with urination or in the bladder or kidneys. Some women say they get swollen because of increased blood flow. I am only 9 or 10 dpo and have not tested (glow says I am 7 dpo but they are wrong according to my EWCM on the 22). Thoughts? Should I go to the clinic? Of course it's new years <a href="">eve</a> and my doctor is on holiday.